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Hey Louise,


Just stopping by to say hello and to let you know that I love the direction your site is taking. I love the new poems. Your words captured Alex and Jake and their child-like innocence. I also like the bio. Is it new? No matter, I learned a lot more about you by reading it. You are an inspiration, Louise. Keep up the good work.


Peace, blessings,  and much love to you.



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Louise Mathewson
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Many thanks, Diana!   I find children the best subjects for writing poetry or non-fiction!  I am enjoying my role in life as grandmother to 2 adorable little boy spirits!  They are so full of inspiring stories to write about.  These pictures were so fun because they were taken by their mother, my daughter, who has an excellent eye for phots and because they captured so much of the each boy's unique spirit. 

I love watching, listening to and observing children as they do their work of growing!  Children have so much wisdom that adults often miss in our hurry-up and driven world.

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